Oneness Holding Company

Oneness Holding is an investment holding company that venture into diversified businesses and developed its own companies with a proven reputation for insight and innovation by achieving high quality and tangible results for our clients.

We are gaining traction and will continue to expand our footprints in Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

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News & Event

Pulau Ubin-Cycling Event -Bonding Excursion

Posted on 18th September 2019

Thinking of staying in the room to spend your weekend? Oops, boring! Need an escape? Sound good? Yes! Don’t skip leg day – get out and go cycling Our employees from different subsidiaries had choose to discover and expose themselves to nature with colleagues at Pulau Ubin which have those
Breaking news! On 5th Sep 2019, Oneness Holding Private Limited with subsidiaries, Appzgate Solutions Pte Ltd and Albedo Design Pte Ltd, third parties of Footo had organized a speech titled “Turn the Smart Tech as Your Profit Engine.” There is an exciting time for existing F&B and retail owners, manufacturers,

Back To Nature by HD Contractor

Posted on 7th May 2018

What do you usually do during your weekend? Veg out on your bed whole day? Spend time alone reading your favourite book? Or go on a shopping adventure? On 5th May 2018, our fellow colleagues from HD Contractor have chosen to go back to Nature! As a team, they have come