Personnel Policy on Nepotism



The company encourages internal employees to recommend suitable candidates to the company’s services.

Based on the basic principles of advocating meritocracy and ability, the company resolutely opposes the practice of appointing others and using their power and influence to take care of their relatives. Description of the personnel policy regarding relatives:

  • When the same department will form a direct or indirect relationship with relatives, it must obtain approval from the boss of more than two layers, otherwise it will not be approved and in breach of company’s policy.
  • Different departments and relatives do not constitute any level of subordinate relationship and can be freely recommended to the relevant department head, however, the recommending person is forbidden to get involved in the following processes involving the candidate(s) that he/she recommends:
    •     Job interview;
    •     Job description related to task;
    •     Probation period;
    •     Assessment of candidate(s) for salary increase at the end of the year
    •    Promotion, transfer and dismissal; and
    •    Staff discipline.

Any influence exerted on personnel-related decision-making, including self- identification, which is beneficial to the company’s position regarding relatives must be determined completely by the relative’s own boss.