The internet is an invaluable tool in the workplace. Appropriate usage of company computers is an essential part of maintaining the Oneness Holding Private Limited.

Email Usage

The use of email services for purposes constituting a clear conflict of the interests of the company is expressly prohibited. Confidential or company proprietary information shall not be sent by e-mail unless approval is obtained from the company’s management in writing. Company e-mail will be created and stored on the company’s computers for each new staff. The company reserves the right to access an employee’s e-mail at any time.
You may not utilize the company’s e-mail to participate in chain letters or “get-rich” schemes, flooding or spamming. Sending and/or forwarding of e-mails with pornographic, threatening, or harassing material or tone is strictly prohibited. The use of e-mail to facilitate the conduct of a private commercial purpose is not permitted.
Violation of the e-mail usage will result in disciplinary action which could result in termination of employment.

Software Policy

All applications must be approved by Oneness Holding Private Limited ‘s management before being installed on a company computer. No unauthorized application may be installed on a company computer.
All incoming mail and data imported on a computer (thumb-drive, e-mail or file transfer) must be scanned before being used. Employees must inform the HQ Admin Department of any virus that is detected, configuration change, or any variance in behaviour of a computer or application.
Employee who require any software to be installed on their computer need to fill in the Software Request Form that signed by their superior and submit to Administrative Department to proceed it.

Software Piracy

Access to the internet enables users to download a wide variety of software products for fee, as shareware, or for free. You are required to fulfil all license and copyright for any software downloaded for your own use. These software downloads become the property of the company.
The use of unlicensed software on company computers is strictly prohibited. Some of these terms and conditions prohibit:

– Privately download and install unlicensed software on company computers.
– Using multiple copies of a single software package on several computers.
– Passing out copies of software to others without any permission.
– Downloading or uploading pieces of software via bulletin boards for others to copy.
– Downloading and installing shareware without paying for it.

Internet Browsing Policy

Software required for browsing the internet is only for official use. Only company approved versions of browser software may be used.
Internet users are prohibited from transmitting or downloading pornographic or threatening material. Sites known to contain offensive material are strictly out-of-bounds.
Accessing games, humorous sites, gambling, online shopping or any site intended primarily for entertainment, entertainment news or e-commerce is strictly prohibited. No user may, under any circumstances, use company’s computers or networks to libel, slander, or harass any others person. No software is to be downloaded from the Internet via any computer within the company unless prior authorized has been received. All downloaded files must be scanned for viruses using the approved anti-virus software. Unauthorized access to computer programs or data can lead to serious criminal offences under Computer Misuse Act.

Violation of the E-policy

Violation of the terms contained within the e-policy shall result in swift and severe disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, termination of employment. Some offences may be actionable in a court of law.