NTUC May Day Celebrations - Migrant Workers Segmant

NTUC May Day Celebrations - Migrant Workers Segmant

Migrant Workers’ Centre worked closely with NTUC U SME in launching a “Care Park Distribution” where we partook as one of the NTUC U SME Labour Movement Partners and Branch Officials.We appreciate to Migrant Workers’ Centre and NTUC U SME for the care pack distribution. Students and their families responded keenly, with contributions of snacks, masks, and daily necessities.

More often than not, the simplest of act carries the most meaning!They wrote their heartfelt encouragement message to workers:-

“Dear worker, thank you for helping us to build such nice things. I appreciate you doing all these things for us. Thanks, worker.”

“Thank you for helping to build our country, Singapore! Please ignore all negative comments you see or hear. Stay safe, Stay healthy!”

“Thanks to all migrant, foreign, construction workers, etc for the sacrifice you have made to make and build Singapore’s big skyscrapers and buildings. If it wasn’t for your guys, we would not have the Singapore we have today.”

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